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A Little About Us!

When owner J Espinoza opened the doors of Roc N Sik Ink, he had a vision of this being a family business. With his wife jacklynn by his side, they carefully chose a team of other artists that have families and shop help to turn their vision into reality. Their children are very proud of their parents and looking forward to taking over. They are being taught  from a young age that hard work pays off. " Our children will grow up well balanced and open minded. They won't judge people based on appearance because these so called wild tattooed freaks, gangsters, and all other stereotypes are really so much more than the art they wear on their bodies and they're being shown that everyday. " says Jacklynn. " Everyone in the industry is a father, mother, grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, son , or daughter. We all have families we love and support. Were lucky because we get paid for following our dream." Our families stand by our side with pride. It's safe to say that this group of people are living their dreams. Going into Roc N Sik Ink Tattoo Studio is a home away from home. Traveling is no easy task but this family makes it work. At the end of the day it all comes down to what really matters...... Family.

Opened In Las Vegas ,NV

Tattoo artists with expertise in various styles. From Traditional to Realism, Black&Gray to Color, Portraits, Tribal, Free Hand, Lettering, Microblading and much more.

Microblading 3D Brows

microblading + shading (powder brows)

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Roc N Sik Ink Tattoo Studio

3385 S Durango Drive ste f, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117, United Statesf

(702) 951-9720


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